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I am a professional photographer. I have been taking photographs since I was a little over five. Since 1998 I have specialized in visual marketing and business consulting through photography and video.


My company, Pagine Video, was born to follow hotels and restaurants and to be of help to the whole world of hospitality.

I took photographs in over 500 structures, including hotels, campsites, agritourisms and restaurants, starred and not, and I followed the inauguration or reopening of dozens of hotels, mostly 4 and 5 stars, also managing their marketing in the food and beverage sector. .

I live in Livorno, where my company is based, but used to working with European and US companies, I work everywhere. On the set, I speak in Italian and English. I plan every shooting down to the smallest detail: I am aware of hotel needs and therefore used to cooperating with all the staff of the hotels where I shoot. I am equipped for all types of post-production, even the most advanced and advanced. I provide my clients with clicks optimized for indexing and positioning as well as assistance on web marketing and social media marketing.

Gabriele Cucolo

Gabriele Cucolo
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